Simon Squibb Net Worth 2023- Biography, Career, Family

Simon Squibb is a British entrepreneur, investor, and mentor, known for his contribution to the startup ecosystem in Asia. For this reason, Simon Squibb Net Worth is a massive number. He was born in the United Kingdom in 1966 and started his career in the financial services industry, working for companies like Bank of America and Citibank.

Real Name Simon Squibb
Famous As Entrepreneur, Investor
Age 42 Years Old (2023)
Spouse/Wife Helen Griffiths
TikTok Simon Squibb
Instagram Simon Squibb
Nationality England
Net Worth 2023 $490 Million

Simon Squibb Family & Kids

Simon Squibb Net Worth 2023:

Simon Squibb Net Worth is $490 Million in 2023. Simon Squibb is an Investor, Entrepreneur & Chief Executive Officer at The Purposeful Project. Simon has spent 10 years as an entrepreneur in the UK and 20 years as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong. He started his first company when he was homeless at 15 years old, and he sold his last company Fluid to PwC. He has also invested in over 70 startups in the last 15 years.

Simon Squibb Car Collection:

Simon Squibb Buy a supercar in February 2023. When He was homeless at 15, he dreamed of having a big house and a super car one day. Its Seemed ridiculous when he didn’t even have a roof over his head.

Fast forward 20 years, and He did it! He bought a brand new car and it sat nicely on the drive of his fancy home. Simon Squibb’s car name is Lamborghini Diablo VT. 

Simon Squibb Car Collection

Simon Squibb Biography:

Simon Squibb has been an angel investor for more than 18 years,

Simon Squibb Wife, Family:

Simon Squibb’s Wife name is Helen Griffiths. She was also a marketing specialist. Simon Squibb has a daughter who is about the age of five years as of 2023.

Simon Squibb Wife, Family

When he is 15 years old, his father passed away. After he becomes homeless. Then he started Gardening. If you want his full childhood Story, below I give his Instagram post about it.


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Simon Squibb Age:

The billionaire entrepreneur, Simon Squibb is 42 Years old as of 2023.

Simon Squibb Career:

In 1998, Simon Squibb founded his first company, Sino Group, a marketing services agency that focused on helping foreign companies enter the Chinese market. The company grew rapidly and was acquired by WPP Group in 2000.

After the acquisition, Simon Squibb stayed on with WPP as the CEO of its China operations for a few years before leaving to start his own venture capital firm, the Phoenix Foundation. The firm focused on investing in early-stage startups in China and Southeast Asia and has since invested in over 40 companies.

In addition to his work with the Phoenix Foundation, Simon Squibb is also a mentor and advisor to numerous startups and entrepreneurs. He has worked with companies like Airbnb, Uber, and WeWork, and has been featured in publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, and The Wall Street Journal.

A super-talented workaholic who is both creative as well as practical, Simon’s talent for helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses is legendary. Simon is also one of Hong Kong’s most knowledgeable and experienced marketeers with a flair for building brands as well as the companies behind them.

Simon Squibb Company Nest:

Simon and his company, NEST, have provided guidance and support that has helped us develop a scaleable business model that is poised for success. Simon has also been a trusted mentor and confidant.

Simon was awed by his marketing genius. He invested in our company and we had the opportunity to work with this marketing & business maestro. Simon can give literally dozens of marketing hacks on how your business or any business can scale super fast at the lowest cost possible.

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