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Welcome to the career section of! We always welcome authors from around the world expert in storytelling, with a special inclination towards the financial part of the world. Are you someone who loves expressing opinions in matters of finance? Are you someone who deeply cares about the struggles of Hollywood celebrities and their career progressions?

If yes, please send us your details at We welcome enthusiasts who can bring fresh perspectives on the biography and financial aspects of Hollywood stars. At Tribuneinfo, we cover celebrities categorized as:

  1. Internet Celebrities.
  2. Athletes.
  3. Businessman.
  4. Politicians.

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  • You should be featured at least once in any newspaper or any famous website.
  • You have to send all your details with images.
  • You have to send any govt-issued ID proof for verification purposes.
  • The fixed price to get featured on our site as of Now is Free.

We believe writing is one of the most inspiring forms of art that needs continuous practice to master. In order to join our team, you need to have proficient writing skills and knowledge about Hollywood celebrities through the eyes of financial experts. If you get selected, you will secure a paid opportunity to publish articles under your byline and receive support and constant push from our Editorial team.

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