Ania Kubów (Software Developer): Age, Net Worth, Biography

Ania Kubów is a developer who is Software Engineer & Online Course Creator and teaches others how to code by building awesome projects on her Youtube Channel. She makes YouTube videos on how to code & a non-profit freecodecamp member. She Raised in the UAE, and is currently country hopping. Ania Kubow’s age is 29 in 2023.
She is a Software Engineer (ex-Eurostar) and now Course Creator for (5mil+ subs) and her YouTube Channel (350k+ subs).

Ania Kubow- Polish Developers Short biography

She Born in Poland and raised in the UAE, She graduated from Dubai College majoring in Math, Physics and DesignTech before moving to the UK to attend Nottingham University (BArch Degree). Fun fact: She has worked as a Financial Derivatives Broker in Singapore and London in a past life.

This Linkedin Public Profile now has my employment and educational years hidden for security reasons. If you would like this information, please do reach out.

Ania Kubow Career:

Ania Kubow is a software engineer, vlogger, entrepreneur, and tech thought leader. Before she switched careers to software development, Ania worked as a financier and derivatives broker.

She started an e-commerce jewelry business, Whistle + Bango, at the age of 23, and successfully exited three years later in 2017.

She specializes in recreating classic and popular retro games using HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

What She teach: JavaScript, React, React-Native, Next.js, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Serverless Functions, DataBase work and so much more!

What she’s up to:

  • Ania currently strengthens the team at Eurostar.
  • She also runs GeekGirlMeetup, a community for women in the UK interested in all things tech that boasts of over 4,000 members.
  • Ania regularly creates content on YouTube to her nearly 60,000 followers. She is focused on helping developers master logical thinking, as well as React, HTML, Node.js, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals.
  • She hosts tutorials and courses on ScrimbaUdemyFreecodecamp, and Codedamn.
  • Her writing has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur and Startupgrind.

Ania Kubow Social Account

For contact: Twitter: @ania_kubow Instagram: @aniakubow My Blockchain and Crypto Investments:

Ania Kubów on Candy Crush & Her Journey into Teaching

Ania Kubow uses her YouTube channel to teach 250k+ subscribers how to code by creating games and other cool projects. We traveled to London to talk with Ania about her experiences. In this mini-doc, Ania tells us about her start in tech, the importance of ‘learning by teaching’, and the creativity that software development brings to her life – all in reference to how she would code Candy Crush.

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