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Sundas Khalid is a self-taught data scientist from a non-tech background and is currently at a FAANG company. Sundas Khalid is 32 Years old. She has been in the industry for over 8 years spread across two big tech companies. On her youtube channel, she shares tips for people interested in entering data science with the goal to democratize knowledge and make complicated topics digestible for everyone.

Sundas Khalid has been at Google for the past two years and truly enjoys the Google office experience in Seattle, WA.

Sundas Khalid Salary:

Being the first female in my family to graduate from university, she make a great effort to use my platform to share resources and break stereotypes while inspiring many 1st-generation immigrants, people of color, working moms, and especially individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. To further her mission, she help WOC negotiate job offers, $1.4 Million negotiated in 2021 (goal $1M). 

Sundas khalid Net Worth 2023:

Sundas khalid Net Worth is $5 Million. Her goal is to democratize knowledge so she share a ton of learning content on  YouTube and Instagram on topics such as data science, career growth, salary negotiation, financial literacy, tech lifestyle, and more.

Sundas Khalid Biography & Husband:

In her free time, she love to spend time with her family, try new coffee shops and hike around Seattle (morning coffee walks are her favorite), and work out a lot (she was a little obsessed). It’s also worth mentioning that she love to laugh and kinda have a signature laughter, a very distinct kind. I can’t get so many information about her like her personal life details. That’s why I can’t update here Sundas khalid husband name & full biography.

Sundas Khalid Education:

She started her educational journey after a six-year gap between high school and college degrees; She was determined to make my mark.

In 2012, She was accepted to the University of Washington where she built a stellar profile as a student and as an emerging leader. Here she served as the President of the Business Information Technology Society, a student-led organization, and won the Student Leadership Award for hard work and dedication.

After countless rejections, she eventually interned at Amazon, earning 1st place in every internship presentation, and secured a job offer after graduation. In 2014, she was selected as the University of Washington Valedictorian. Giving her speech to an audience of 3,000 students, parents, staff, and faculty. She ended her undergraduate career at the top of her class.

Sundas Khalid Career:

She is a data science leader and a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace. Going from a high-school dropout to the first woman in her family to graduate college, her journey is one of persistence and resilience.

She leads search engine analytics at Google and participates in the IamRemarkable initiative, empowering underrepresented communities to celebrate their accomplishments, and teaching data science at Google to other Googlers. Outside of work, She volunteers with organizations that promote diversity and inclusion, including advisory councils within Google and local non-profits. 

Prior to working at Google, I worked at Amazon – leading the way in the hottest tech job in America as a self-taught Data Scientist.  In 2018, I proudly received two recognition awards for my exemplary work in Amazon, and a Women Empowerment Award 2019 which recognized my contributions towards building an empowered community, and a support system for women in tech.

In 2019, I was featured by WogrammerPeople of Color in Tech, and Women in Tech Show. I was also the keynote speaker at the Citizens Foundation’s annual fundraiser to an audience of 600.

In 2020, my story of resilience was featured on Forbes. I was also featured in Google Career Certificate (Data)  on Coursera.  

  • 2019:  Started full-time at Google.
  • 2014: Started full-time job at Amazon.
  • 2014: Graduated from the University of Washington.
  • 2013: Interned at Amazon.
  • 2012: Transfer to the University of Washington.
  • 2010: Enrolled at North Seattle College.
  • 2004: dropped out of school due to adversities.

Specialties: data science, analytics, advertisement, experimentation, A/B & incrementality testing, statistical modeling, excellent communication and leadership skills, marketing, people management, machine learning, project management, public speaking, community building, financial modeling, marketing analytics, data engineering, and mentoring.

Sundas Khalid Awards & Recognitions:

  • Sep 2021: Google Citizenship Award.
  • Mar 2021: Google Excellence Award.
  • Jan 2021: Featured on Boss Women Pakistan.
  • Apr 2021: Featured on Google Career Certificate (Data ) Coursera.
  • Feb 2020: Featured in Forbes.
  • Sep 2020: Nominated for Women in Tech Inclusion Award.
  • Feb 2020: Nominated for Seattle Women Leaders in Tech by AnitaB.org
  • Oct 2019: Recognized Alumni at North Seattle College  – detailed feature
  • Mar 2019: Women Empowerment Award 
  • Mar 2019: Featured Women in Tech by People of Color in Tech
  • Mar 2019: Featured Women in Tech by Wogrammer
  • Nov 2018: Consumer Experience Technology Recognition Award (Individual Award)
  • Nov 2018: Consumer Experience Technology Recognition Award (Team Award)
  • Dec 2016: Customer Obsession Recognition Award, Amazon
  • Apr 2016: Consumer Engagement Kudos, Amazon
  • Dec 2015: Consumer Engagement Kudos, Amazon
  • Jun 2014: University of Washington Valedictorian – Student Speaker
  • May 2014: Leadership & Excellence Award, University of Washington
  • Mar 2014: 1st Place Intern Project, Amazon
  • Sep 2013: Dean’s List University of Washington.

Sundas Khalid Data Science:

Data Science is the hottest job family but there are many unknowns on how to enter and be successful in the field. I share content on data science and tech to help you succeed in the field. I’m a self-taught data scientist from a non-tech background, currently at a FAANG company.

I have been in the industry for over 10 years across two big tech companies as a high performer (top 1%). Over the years, I have built a great amount of knowledge on how to lead a successful career, and love sharing it on this channel.

I share tips for people interested in entering data science with the goal to democratize knowledge and make complicated topics digestible for everyone. All opinions on this channel are my own and do not reflect the opinions of the company I work for or have ever worked for in the past.

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