Parag Agrawal Net Worth 2023 [Updated After Fired From Twitter]

Here’s How Much Parag Agrawal Net Worth After Musk’s Twitter Takeover

Parag Agrawal net worth $58 Million (Updated After Fired From Twitter)

Parag Agrawal is a quiet famous name around the world for being the CEO of social media platform Twitter. Actually Parag Agrawal is now the former CEO of Twitter. Recently after buying the Twitter the richest man in the world Elon Musk has fired Parag Agrawal from the position of CEO of Twitter. Parag Agarwal Wife’s name is Vinita Agarwal.

Name Parag Agarwal
Net Worth (2023) $58 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 22 Crore INR
Profession CEO of Twitter
Monthly Income And Salary $80,000 +
yearly Income $1 Million +
Last Updated 2023

Parag Agrawal Net Worth 2023:

At present Parag Agrawal’s net worth is around $58 Million. Parag Agrawal was removed from his position for some complicated reason. As Parag Agrawal is an Indian-American so, it seems that most of the Indian leaders are getting extra attention on Twitter. Before it becomes a political issue the owner of Twitter Elon Musk has fired him from the position of CEO.

Parag Agrawal was appointed Twitter CEO in November last year after co-founder Jack Dorsey had stepped down. Agrawal had joined Twitter over a decade ago when there were fewer than 1,000 employees at the company.

Parag Agrawal Professional background

Parag Agrawal completed his graduation from one of the best IT institute of India which is Indian Institute of Technology. His rank was 77 in Indian Institute of Technology and after that he moved to America for higher education purpose. Parag has completed his PhD degree from Stamford University.

After that Parag Agrawal used to work as a software engineer. In 2017 Parag Agrawal got a chance to join Twitter in the post of Chief Technology Officer. At that time Parag was successfully able to join that post. After working as a Chief Technology Officer for two years Parag got the charge of Project Bluesky in 2019. At that time Jack Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter and Jack gave Parag the charge of Project Bluesky.

Parag Agrawal worked in that position till 2021. In November 2021 Jack Dorsey decided to resign from the CEO of Twitter and Jack Dorsey also decided that Parag Agrawal should be the next CEO. In this way Parag Agrawal became the new CEO of Twitter in 2021. Now Elon Musk has become the owner of Twitter so he decided that Parag Agrawal should not be the CEO of Twitter for some proper reason. This is why Parag Agrawal has resigned from the CEO of the Twitter.

Financial background of Parag Agrawal

In 2023 from the last update it is confirmed that Parag Agrawal is the owner of total $88 million. As the formet CEO of Twitter it is very normal that Parag should own this amount of money. At the beginning when Parag Agrawal joined Twitter as a Chief Technology Officer his annual salary was total $1 million.

But, after his first promotion his salary became $12 million along with his stock value. After that before resigning as the CEO of Twitter Parag Agrawal’s salary used to be $30 million. Then at the time of leaving Twitter Parag Agrawal took $42 million from the Twitter. This was all about the financial background of Parag Agrawal. According to the value of Parag Agrawal’s property he is also one of the multi-billionaire personalities of India.

How Parag Agrawal built his Net worth:

Parag Agrawal is one of the most successful engineer from India. Now he also has the nationality of America. But Parag was the 77th student in the rank of IIT. He got a job in ‘Yahoo’ while he was completing his PhD. He used to work as a software engineer. Then he got a job in Twitter. After joining Twitter Parag Agrawal’s monthly income was growing rapidly. As a result Parag has earned around $30 million.

As a successful engineer who has completed his PhD from Stamford University it is obvious that Parag Agrawal should be a billionaire. But most of his net worth Parag made when he was in the position of CEO of Twitter. Even at the eleventh hour Parag Agrawal claimed $42 million from the Twitter.

Parag Agarwal Biography Overview:

Full Name Parag Agarwal
profession Technology executive
Why Trending Twitter’s CEO
Birth in 1984
Ages 37 Years old
Nationality American
Religion Hindu
length 5 foot 6 inches
Weight 73 kg
marital status married
net worth 58 million dollars
salary $1 Million+

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