[Jacob The Jeweler] Jacob Arabo Net Worth 2023

[Jacob The Jeweler] Jacob Arabo is the founder of a famous jewelry company named ‘Jacob & Company‘. Jacob Arabo Net Worth is $50 million. He is also American jewellery and watch designer. Jacob is a Uzbekistani jewellery businessman. At present Jacob, The Jeweler lives in America cause he has established his jewellery business in America. Even there are many celebrities who are customers of his jewellery company.

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Jacob Arabo is quite famous for his unique jewellery design cause celebrities uses the jewellery product of his company. There are many popular celebrities like Sir Elton John, Bono, and Rudy Giuliani. Even one of the most popular football players David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a client of ‘Jacob & Company’. Mostly hip hop artists and famous game players are the clients of Jacob The Jeweler.

Jacob was born on 3rd June 1965 in Uzbekistan. He spent 14 years of his early life at Uzbekistan and then he moved in America with his family. According to the birthyear, this successful jewellery businessman is now 57 years old.

(Jacob Arabo) Jacob The Jeweler Short Biography:

Jacob Arabo married Angela Arabo who is also a Bukharian Jewish.

Net Worth $5 Million
Place Of Birth Uzbekistan
Profession Jeweler
Nationality Uzbek
Spouse Angela Arabo
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jacobandco/
Twitter https://twitter.com/jacobarabo?lang=en
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1113289/
Movies Paper Soldiers, State Property, Paper Soldiers, State Property
TV Shows The Millionaire Matchmaker, The Millionaire Matchmaker

Jacob Arabo Bank balance and financial background

Jacob Arabo is the owner of a total $50 million but all of this amount is not only his liquid money. This worth includes the value of Jacob’s total property. Jacob has real estate properties also. Jacob bought a house for his family for $16.68 million in 2016. Jacob’s house was built on 3,500 square feet which are situated on Park Avenue.

Jacob use to earn a lot of money through Jacob & Company. Jacob & Company made a watch that was sold for $18 million. Popular boxer Floyed Mayweather has bought that watch and he is also the present owner of that watch. ‘Billionaire’s the name of that exclusive watch. There is another version of the watch called ‘Millionaire’. Jacob use to sell a ‘Millionaire’ watch for $6 million.

How Jacob Arabo made his net worth

Jacob made his net worth with the help of his business. Jacob has established his business company which provides jewellery products to customers. Since the beginning, Jacob & Company use to make exclusive and beautiful jewellery and for this reason, the price of this jewellery is very high. Only rich people can afford jewellery which is made by this company. There are many rich and iconic people who use to buy jewellery products from Jacob & Company.

Many famous hip-hop artists have mentioned the name Jacob The Jeweler in their songs. Jacob became popular by his name ‘Jacob The Jeweler’ for that reason. Jacob earned a lot of money from the profit of his business. Even he earns a good number by selling one jewelery product. This is the way how Jacob made his net worth.

Jacob Arabo Profession

Jacob Arabo is a professional businessman who makes money with the help of jewellery business. It’s clear that Jacob is one of the most successful jewelers cause he made his company a well-known brand. After formal education Jacob decided to be a jewellery designer at the age of 17.

At that time Jacob was a professional jewelery designer. As a jewelery designer Jacob has worked with different clients and different brands. Then he decided to establish his own jewelery company. Now Jacob is the owner of international jewelery company ‘Jacob & company’.

The products of Jacob’s company became popular because of unique design. Jacob started to sell the jewelery of his own company and became a successful businessman. As a professional businessman Jacob Arabo is the owner of $50 million net in 2022. He is also one of the most successful jewelery designer.

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