Genghis Khan Net Worth; Inside The Trillion-Dollar Mongol Empire!

Is Genghis Khan the richest person ever? How rich was Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan is one of the greatest emperors of all time who was the first Khangan ruler. He was born in 1162. The exact date of his birth is still unknown but the Mongol emperor died on 18th August 1227. He was the son of Yesugei and belonged to the Borjigin clan.

But, after the death of Genghis Khan’s father his clan abandoned his family and Genghis Khan was an eight years old boy. His birth name was Temüjin but this man adopted his name ‘Genghis Khan’ in 1206 after becoming the solo leader of the Mongol tribe. The meaning of his name is the Universal Ruler cause that’s what he was.

Genghis Khan actually was a universal ruler. He ruled most parts of the world and was the richest man of his time. Genghis Khan passed away eight hundred years from now but people still know him for his wealth. The maximum part of his wealth is still hidden.

Genghis Khan Net Worth:

The total net worth of Genghis Khan was $120 trillion dollars of the present currency. Genghis Khan was the owner of 270 thousand horses which is equal to $13 billion dollar present currency. He was the only ruler of his time who was the owner of a massive amount of gold which is equal to $10 trillion dollars of the present time.

Net Worth $120 Trillion
Horses 270,000
Castles Owned 1050
Gold $10 Trillion
Diamonds $1 Trillion
Land $90 Trillion

He was the emperor of the largest land in the world and the price value of his land area was equal to $90 trillion dollars of present currency. Genghis Khan also had lots of diamonds under his ownership and according to the report Genghis Khan’s diamond collection is equal to $1 trillion US dollars in the present day. Reportedly Genghis Khan had 1050 different Castles across his own land area.

Real Estate property of Genghis Khan:

The land which was conquered by Genghis Khan was his own territory. Genghis Khan was the owner of 9 million square miles of land area in China and He used to receive taxes from the civilian in that area.

China 9 Million Square Miles
Syria 2 Million Square Miles
Korea 1 Million Square Miles
Russia 4 Million Square Miles
Middle East 1 Million Square Miles

Except for China Genghis Khan also had 2 million square miles of land area in Syria, 1 million square miles of land in Korea, 4 million square miles of land in Russia, and 1 million square miles of land area in the Middle East. In total Genghis Khan was the owner of 17 million square miles of land area which was more than half of the world’s civilization at that time.

Genghis Khan Mongol Empire:

Genghis Khan was born into an ordinary family which was even separated from the clan. Genghis Khan was the oldest son of his parents and he had the will and ability to build a great empire. He was the ruler of the Mongol empire from 1162 to 1227. During that time he established his empire as one of the biggest empires in history.

1. Number of Horses Owned 270,000
2. Price of Each Horse (Current Value) $5,000
Value of Horses (1 X 2) $13 Billion

He expanded his area quickly cause he had the best army of his time. Genghis Khan had 27 million horses in his army and 240 thousand men. He expanded his empire to Europe, the Middle East, and Asian Continent. At that time he established the Mongol Empire himself which was the biggest empire during Genghis Khan’s ruling period.

Genghis Khan won every battle he fought cause not only he had loyal commanders but also Genghis Khan himself was a powerful emperor.

Genghis Khan’s wive Names:

  • Börte
  • Yesugen
  • Yesui
  • Khulan khatun
  • Möge Khatun
  • Juerbiesu
  • Ibaqa Beki

Is Genghis Khan good for his people:

The legacy of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, is a matter of debate among historians and scholars. Some view him as a ruthless conqueror who caused widespread destruction and suffering, while others see him as a visionary leader who unified disparate tribes and paved the way for a golden age of prosperity and cultural exchange.

On the one hand, Genghis Khan is known for his brutal military campaigns, which resulted in the deaths of millions of people across Asia and Europe. His soldiers were infamous for their merciless treatment of conquered populations, and entire cities were often razed to the ground.

On the other hand, Genghis Khan is also credited with a number of achievements that benefited his people. He introduced a legal code known as the Yassa, which established a system of justice and protected the rights of women and children. He also promoted religious tolerance and encouraged trade and commerce, which helped to stimulate economic growth and cultural exchange.

Overall, it is difficult to say whether Genghis Khan was “good” or “bad” for his people, as his legacy is complex and multifaceted. However, it is clear that his impact on world history was immense, and his legacy continues to be debated and studied to this day.

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