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Nadim is the found and choreographer of the Mayyas. he is an Artist. Nadim began taking dance classes in Lebanon when he was 14 years old. “I fell more and more in love with dancing and I am still falling deeper daily,” he told Tribuneinfo. He started teaching dance when he was 20.

It all started in 2012 when choreographer and dancer Nadim Cherfan launched his own dance classes and studios around Beirut. Although Cherfan started dancing aged 14, going on to attend workshops in the UK, the US and India, his love for the art began when he was only 9.

Mayyas Dance Crew Wiki Overview

Mayyas will go down in history as one of the best America’s Got Talent acts, and now they join the ranks with AGT winners. During the September 14 finale event, the Mayyas became the new AGT champion after facing stiff competition. The dance troupe dazzled AGT viewers and the judges with their stellar performances all season long.

  • Debut Actuality Present; Arab’s Received Expertise 2019
  • Profitable reveals; Arab’s Received Expertise 2019
  • Award; Murex d’or Award
  • Members; Jenna, Lilia, Jeronna, Madaya, Nicole, Duna
  • Founder; Nadim Cherfan
  • Choreographer; Nadim Cherfan
  • Complete Members; 31 Females
  • Age; 13-25 years
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America’s Got Talent 2022

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, who gave them her golden buzzer, which puts an act on the fast track to the live shows, saw then what it took the world another three years to realize: she was in the company of stars.

“You can tell just how much work they put into it,” she said at the time.

Nadim revealed that Nightbirde was who “really got” them to audition for AGT. Her quote about not waiting “until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy” is what inspired them. Nightbirde was a contestant during AGT season 16. She passed away in February 2022 after a battle with cancer.

Arabs Got Talent in 2019

He created Mayyas, which consists of more than 30 professional dancers, after deciding to apply for season six of Arab’s Got Talent, which the group won in 2019. They became the first Lebanese act to do so and received a new car and a 200,000 Saudi riyal ($53,333) cash prize.

The group competed on Arabs Got Talent in 2019. They also received a Golden Buzzer and won the season. They went on to compete on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, but they were eliminated in the preliminaries.

“Mayyas is a group based on merit, that brings together women who have a passion for dance and are talented at it, and coordinate together to put out creative and stunning work,” Ziyade said. “I wish our government would appoint ministers and officials the same way … we could have fixed our devastated country.”

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