Jeremy Pascale (Artist) Biography, Age, Net Worth

A 26-year-old full-time artist from New Jersey pursuing a career in Hyperrealism.

Jeremy Pascale (Artist) Bio

Jeremy Pascale (born 1995) is an American full-time artist specializing in Black and White Realism. After 2 years of art education (2013-2014), Jeremy put aside his craft but picked it back up in 2019 when he saw his talent quickly unfold. As Jeremy developed a love for hyper-realistic artworks, he studied under one of the world’s leading artists in Hyperrealism, Dirk Dzimirsky.

He attended Dirk Dzimirsky’s D.R.A.M.A Hyperrealism Portrait Drawing in Graphite Workshop in Warmsen Germany (2020). More recently, Jeremy attended Dirk Dzimirsky’s D.R.A.M.A Hyperrealism Portrait Drawing in Charcoal Workshop (2021). and has been putting Dirk’s intricate techniques and knowledge to use in works of his own.

Jeremy Pascale (Drawing):

Although Jeremy’s artistic studies have mainly revolved around Portrait Realism, he is fully capable of producing quality artworks of all subjects through black and white mediums. Jeremy is available to meet all private and business commission needs.

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Jeremy Pascale  Net Worth:

Jeremy Pascale’s Net Worth is 2,00,000$

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