Who is Andrew Tate, did he converted to Islam?


Andrew Tate Converts To Islam? Andrew Tate is one of the most popular Kickboxer who is known for his controversial personality. Recently Andrew Tate has been spotted in a video where he was praying Namaz in a Mosque. Andrew Tate support Islam from a long time ago and according to his opinion Islam is the best relegion on earth.

As you may know that Andrew Tate also host different types of shows. He often talk about the ‘Halal’ and ‘Haram’ things in his videos. Before this time Andrew Tate has excepted the truth of Islam for many times in his past statement. After banned popular  Social platform- He is only available on Gettr and Rumble.

Andrew Tate Converts To Islam?

In recently posted video Andrew Tate was following a person who was also praying Namaz with him. So, as Andrew Tate was praying Namaz then this question can be rise that if he has become a Muslim or not. Since this celebrity has been supporting the way of Islam so, it may possible that he has become a Muslim.

If any person is praying Namaz in a Mosque with proper way then this is enough for being a Muslim. Andrew Tate personally said that he feels positive energy and he feels good. As Andrew Tate is one of the successful stock maket businessman so, oncehe also said that if he had to bet on any relegion on stock market then he would bet on Islam. Which clearly define his faith in Islam. Consedering his attention to Islam it can be said that Andrew Tate has become a Muslim.

Who is Andrew Tate?

His name is Andrew Tate, he was born in the United States and holds British and American citizenship, has won several world titles as a professional fighter and is a commentator for an MMA promotion in Romania called Real Xtreme Fighting.

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On Saturday (October 22nd), a video was posted on Twitter by British Muslim and ex-MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter Tam Khan. The video, which is captioned ‘Alhamdhulillah’ meaning ‘praise be to God’ in Arabic, shows Andrew Tate mirroring Tam Khan’s movements as he prays.

In the video Khan, who is Muslim, is wearing a black Islamic prayer robe while Tate is dressed in what appears to be a satin suit.

Around halfway through the video another man dressed similarly to Khan comes into view and joins the men in prayer and at the end of the clip, Khan shakes Tate’s hand.

The right-wing influencer, banned from many social media sites, is currently in Dubai. Tate was there for his first-ever speaking event, 41 Tenets of Tate, on October 15th but failed to show up on the day.

Since then, Khan has posted another tweet which is a snippet of the last eight seconds of the original video. The tweet was captioned ‘My brother – MashAllah’ which translates to ‘what God has willed’.



While on the podcast, Andrew Tate stated:

“I think it’s the last religion… It’s the last one, because no other religion has boundaries which they enforce. If you will tolerate everything, then you stand for nothing…99% of Christians are ignoring every single rule in the Bible, every single day. They’ll try and say they interpret it differently… Only Muslims follow their book, so they’re the last religion.”

After Banned Social Platform:

After being banned from Instagram and Facebook by parent company Meta earlier this year, Tate revealed to the Daily Mail, that he had “dedicated over 1 million dollars to charities supporting women” and added that he would “always have millions of fans around the world.”

“My platform would be a beacon of light, teaching people of all genders and races how to respect one another for years to come. Now, these fans can not learn important lessons of love. Why?” he said at the time.

Muslims Jump With excitement

Another targeted the right point of Muslim’s inherited nature. “Andrew Tate lost all his social media platforms. Now he is “converting” to Islam.

He knows Muslims jump with excitement if anyone converts. He spots gullibility & how to control his next target of people. This man wants to be treated like a king. He has found his audience.”

One of the users wrote, “‎As Muslims, Allah (swt) has given us so many role models. Islam is a religion where you literally need not look elsewhere. Where did we go wrong for our young men to take people like Andrew Tate as role models over the prophets? Ahlul Bayt? The companions? الله المستعان”

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