NikaAchorna (Just никушка) Biography [Lost Hand In Shark Attack]

Nika Achorna is a student, musician, and volunteer. She lives in Ukraine. NikaAchorna Lost her Hand In Shark Attack in 2015 on Oak Island. After losing her arm, She lives a very lonely life. Last year in 2021, she got a bionic hand, & it’s helping her so much.

Nika Achorna (Just никушка) Biography:

From her very birth, her hand was special. While other children became more and more independent, her life tied up on her parents and people, who may help to do the simplest things like tighten up the laces or cut fruit for her. But still, She saved her dreams and energy to move forward.

NikaAchorna (Just никушка)

One day she met guys from @esperbionics and became one of the first volunteers to try a new bionic hand. The choice was really easy: she can be a prisoner of a situation all her life or she can make her life fit with her dreams. And she made that choice. She wants to be independent, strong, beautiful, and active.

Nika Achorna Facts:

Here are 10 facts about Nika Achorna.

1. I live in Ukraine.
2. I took part in the vocal show «The Voice Kids»
3. I went in for athletics.
4. I am a professional model.
5. My biggest dream in childhood was to be a good person.
6. I was lucky to make a photo of a ghost.
7. I am very shy, but I like to be the center of attention.
8. I like cherry juice.
9. I had my leg broken two times.
10. I have poor eyesight.

NikaAchorna Lost Hand In Shark Attack:

Time: June 2015. 12-year-old girl Nika Achorna lost her left arm below the elbow and suffered a leg injury in Oak Island on Sunday afternoon; then about an hour and 20 minutes later and three kilometers away, a shark bit off the left arm above the elbow of a 16-year-old boy.

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