Lindsay Dean Net Worth 2023- DIY Influencer Biography

We love this gal’s motivation & hard work when it comes to all her renovation dreams. Her insta bio says it all, “Just a girl attempting to have a beautiful home on a budget and making it happen with power tools in one hand and toddlers in the other.” She’s a great example of breaking stereotypes surrounding women taking on renovation projects.

Lindsay dean is the founder of the blog “Frills and Drills,” and its accompanying Instagram page, which has more than 1 million followers; 93% are women who get DIY tips on a daily basis.

Lindsay Dean’s Net Worth:

Lindsay Dean’s Net Worth is 40 Million. Lindsay dean was reported to get about $5297 per sponsored post on Instagram. In contrast with @thejungalow which uses colourful and bright designs, this account has aesthetically neutral designs dominated by pastel colours.

Lindsay Dean DIY Influencer Biography:

She is a wife, mom, DIY enthusiast and she loves all things pretty.  she was born and raised in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance.  She is a full-time Credit Union Supervisor by day and a part-time handy-woman by night.  Call her crazy, but she loves math and all things numbers which are why she enjoys designing and building projects all over her house.

Back in 2011, Lindsay and her husband purchased their first home together – a four-bedroom home that wasn’t fully furnished.

Frills & Drills:

Frills & Drills is where she documents her obsession with home improvement, home decor & organization.  People often ask her when and how she became so handy.  It’s funny to her because she never set out to become a handywoman.  It happened more out of necessity.  she has that champagne taste on a beer budget so she had two options; make it herself or don’t get it at all.

The other question she get asked is “What will she do when she finishes decorating her house?”  the answer is easy.  She will just start over!  And because of that, she is thankful & she has a husband who supports her constant project craze and nods his head with a smile at her ever-changing style.

Frills & Drills Wiki:

Incorporation Date
2 January 2020 (almost 3 years ago)
Company Type
Florida Limited Liability
Florida (US)
Agent Name
Agent Address
Directors / Officers
  • David R Dean

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