Joe Coba Net Worth 2023; Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, Lifestyle

Joe Coba is a fitness trainer and bodybuilding expert from the United States of America. His wife is the famous wrestling star Kelly Kelly and he is widely known as the husband of Kelly Kelly.

Net Worth $2 Million
Name Joe Coba
Date of Birth 11 January 1981
Age 36 Years Old
Gender Male

He was born on 14th December 1989 in America. Though he is an American citizen his family origine is Caucasian. Before joining as a fitness trainer he completed his High School graduation from a local school.

At present, he is working in Deuce Gym as a bodybuilding expert. As a professional fitness trainer, Joe Coba has a good number of followers on his social media account and he is quite active on social media platforms. Joe Coba loves to keep himself out of controversial things so, he never made any unnecessary statements.

Joe Coba Net Worth 2023:

The net worth of Joe Coba is approximately $2 million dollars in 2023. Usually, the net worth of any person means the total value of his property and bank balance which is presently owned by him.

So, here $2 million dollars is the total value of Joe Coba’s real estate property and bank balance. He has more than $200 thousands dollar in his bank account which is considered his bank balance. Except this, he lives along with his wrestler wife Kelly Kelly in a house that is considered his real estate property.

Joe’s living home is also a part of his net worth which has pretty much price value. So, if you get everything together then the total value of Joe Coba’s net worth in 2023 will be around $2 million dollars.

Joe Coba earning salary/ income:

Joe Coba normally charges a proper amount of money for his charger to guide his clients. The normal charge of Joe Coba is around $6 thousand to $10 thousand dollar per month for a person.

At the end of the month, his earning salary is around $20 thousand dollar. His yearly income with his basic salary is around $150 thousand.

How Joe Coba has built his net worth:

Joe Coba has built his net worth by earning his salary. Basically, Joe Coba earns a proper amount of basic salary and besides that, he charges money for guiding his clients.

He is a good fitness trainer who works with multiple clients in a month and for guiding his clients to improve their fitness he receives his payment. It’s the main source of his income and Joe Coba has built his present net worth with this money.

Joe Coba profession:

Joe Coba is a professional bodybuilder who has a good physical structure. He is also working as a professional Gym trailer.

Is Joe Coba Married?

Yes, the handsome fitness trainer Joe Coba is in fact a married man. He walked down the aisle with his loving girlfriend Kelly Kelly.

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