Colonel Tom Parker Net Worth 2023, Bio & Cause of Death

Colonel Tom Parker was the manager of famous music artist Elvis Presley and he used to known as the manager of Elvis. At the time of his death Colonel Tom Parker was the owner of $1 million. Colonel Tom Parker was born in 26th June, 1909 and this nobel man passed away in 21th January, 1997.

The total value of Colonel Tom Parker’s lifetime earnings was more than $100 million. But, at the time of his death the total value of his net worth was around $1 million according to the currency value of that year. Tom Parker got his Colonel title after working in military. He served the American Army at his young age.

Colonel Tom Parker’s Net Worth $1 Million:

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 26, 1909 – Jan 21, 1997 (87 years old)
Place of Birth: Breda, Netherlands
Profession: Elvis’ manager

Colonel Tom Parker’s Earning Salary

Colonel Tom Parker was involved with multiple professions in his lifetime. He worked in the American military at an early age. At that time Colonel Tom Parker used to earn the same salary which a colonel-ranked officer received from the government. But, after retiring from the military he used to make $50,000 at that time which is the equal value of $320 thousand in present currency.

Colonel Tom Parker’s financial background

The financial background of Colonel Tom Parker is a little bit of complicated cause, he has lost a huge amount of his net worth for some proper reason.He has lost most of his wealth before his death in 1997. He has lost around $30 million by gambling.

He lost a huge amount of money after the death of legendary singer Elvis Presley. Colonel Tom Parker lost $5 million for some proper reason which was hidden. After all those losses Colonel Tom Parker who was known as the manager of Elvis Presley passed away with $1 million net worth.

Colonel Tom Parker’s professional background

Colonel Tom Parker started his professional life by joining in US army. He was a Colonel ranked officer and has served the country. After that profession Colonel Tom Parker became the manager of Elvis Presley who was in the top of fame at that time. So, it’s normal that he was a member of high profile society. He successfully built his own career.

Colonel Tom Parker’s Biography:

Full Name Colonel Tom Parker
Born 26 June 1909
Died 21 January 1997
Age 87 years
Networth $17 million

How Colonel Tom Parker built his net worth

Colonel Tom Parker used to earn a good amount of money while he was working for US army. A large part of Tom’s net worth he made from his Salary as a Colonel. Colonel Tom Parker’s total earning as the manager of Elvis was $17 million at that time. He made a big part of his net worth from this earning.

Colonel Tom Parker Cause of Death

The Talent manager Colonel Tom Parker died at the age of 87 years. As per reports, Colonel Tom Parker’s Cause of Death was revealed that he died of stroke.

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