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The full name of Michael Barasch is Michael Alden Barasch. He is one of the very few lawyers in the USA who has made a wonderful career with a remarkable net worth. The birth year of Michael Barasch is 1955 and he is a born American. He is also known for the issue of the September 11 attacks. He fought the case by the side of those victims who were harmed by the toxic dust of that attack.

(Attorney) Michael Barasch Net Worth:

For that unexpected attack, toxic dust became reason for the suffering of many people. For the justice of their loss Michael Barasch worked at that time. He also brought justice for the victims. Each victim of that attack gets financial and medical support for their losses. After hearing of that case victims got free medical support who got injuries.

That was one of the most important cases of Michael Barasch’s career. Michael Barasch got most of his fame after solving September 11 attacks case. The total value of Michael Barasch net worth is $10 million (Estimate). As an honest lawyer, this is really a good amount of net worth which Michael Barasch owns.

Michael Barasch Biography Overview

  • Address:
    11 Park Place, 18th Floor, New York, New York, 10007
  • Phone:
    • 646-833-0451
    • 212.385.8000
  • Law Firm: Barasch & McGarry
  • New York’s Personal Injury Attorney
Practice Areas-
Personal Injury:
Animal & Dog Bites, Brain Injury, Car Accidents, Construction Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Premises Liability, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death
Medical Malpractice:
Birth Injury, Medical Misdiagnosis, Pharmacy Errors, Surgical Errors

Early life of Michael Barasch

In his early life Michael Barasch completed his educational study from a college which name is Swarthmore college. After graduating from Swarthmore college Michael decided to study in the department of law.

During the year of 1980-1981 Michael Barasch was studying in the depertment of law at Fordham University School of Law which is situated in New York. He was graduated from there after passing the bar exam. After completing his graduation he started to practeching law in several ways. He was the leading advocate of September 11 attacks. After that he became one of the most popular advocate in court area.

How Michael Barasch Made His Net Worth:

The main income source of Michael Barasch is to solving the court case. After the graduation Michael Alden Barasch started to solve different type of cases. There are many people who need legal support for some reason. Those people can ask for legal help to the people like Michael Barasch.

Clients just need to peovide all the information about his case and the lawer will take care of the rest. For the legal support every lawer use to charge a proper amount of money which should be paid by the clients. There may be some different type of turms and condition for the services of an advocate.

Michael Barasch also charge proper amount of money for his legal support. If he would win the case on behalf of his clients then clients have to pay the total charge for the service. This is how Michael Barasch has made his net worth as a lawer.

Profession and other information

There is no doubt that Michael Barasch is a professional advicate or lawer. He use to work with different clients of his who need legal support to get red of the accusition. Michael Barasch works in the court. He use to present all the facts and figures by the side of his clients. In anyone need any legal advice then Michael Barasch also can provide that service as a licenced lawer.

He has already sloved many cases on behalf of his clients and proved the facts. As a professional advocate Michael Barasch is the owner of $1 million net worth. He is really famous in his professional life and known for solving different type of cases. Barasch use to provide the proper legal services to his clients.

The professional background of Michael Barasch is quite impressive. He is a 67 years old professional advicate with successful career. Still Michael Barasch works as a professional lawer.

Michael Barasch Facts

  •  1955) is an American lawyer who was a chief advocate for first responders and others harmed by toxic dust in Lower Manhattan caused by the September 11 attacks
  • He has represented thousands of seriously injured members of the New York City Fire Department and police officers of the New York Police Department, both for their personal injuries as well as to protect their pension benefits
  • This includes police officer James Zadroga, who developed pulmonary fibrosis as a result of his exposure to the deadly 9/11 toxins
  • His death pers귭 the United States Congress to pass the “James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
  • ” The act reopened the first 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) to provide benefits to those suffering with the harmful consequences of toxic exposure to the World Trade Center dust.

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