Anna Galkina (Анна Галкина)- Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Anna Galkina (Ice Queen), Tiktok Star, who is she, what is she known for?

Anna Galkina herself admits that she does not feel the cold, because the most difficult thing is elsewhere. During filming, because of the frost, various objects used as props often stick to the hands. And Galkina herself is a hardened personality, low temperatures do not frighten her.

Anna Galkina Biography Wiki:

  • Real name: Anna Galkina
  • Nickname: Ice TikToker
  • Age: no more than 25 years
  • Zodiac sign: unknown
  • Relationship: married
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod (presumably)
  • Where he lives: Nizhny Novgorod (presumably)

Interesting Facts
A rare and rather specific choice has already brought fame to Anna, but the celebrity does not plan to stop there.

It is known that her biography began no later than 1997. Anna, as they say, is a native of Nizhny Novgorod. She took part in the beauty contest, becoming the owner of the prize in the nomination “Miss Debut”.

At the end of 2021, in November, Anna posted her first video on the Web. Bathing a spectacular girl in icy water shocked users. The plot attracted the attention of foreigners in particular. Very quickly, Galkina became popular. Then the girl decided to bet on such content. She gnaws ice and snow with appetite, is not afraid of either wind or frost.

Fans began to joke that the star must be in captivity, since she is forced to constantly shoot in the snow and ice. The girl also used this idea to stir up interest in herself. Now her image has become an information pipeline for the media. The discussion has been going on for more than one month, and with the advent of spring there will be a new way for hype. Anna appreciates experiments, and loves to be the center of attention.

Galkina Anna biography

It was mentioned that she was in medical school. There was no confirmation of this information6. Her husband, Vladimir, helps the celebrity. He participates in the creation of videos, and as a photographer, along with the chosen one. As they say, he is not afraid of either cold or snow, as he is fond of winter swimming.

Its audience is made up of teenagers, students and foreigners, and is dominated by men.

Anna Galkina Profession (Career):

She manages to entertain and amaze fans perfectly: shooting from an ice machine looks very impressive, as well as posing in an ice hole with a chess horse made of ice. And the benefits of winter swimming are undeniable: the body rejuvenates. This has already been scientifically proven.

Yes, it is unlikely that the blogger put on the ice crown under the compulsion of someone. So the unrest due to the exploitation of the beauty is hardly justified.

The celebrity went even further. She opened an account on a specialized resource. It is there that those who wish can get access to the hottest shots. You will need to subscribe. There are spicy shots in regular accounts, but there is not a single violation of the rules established by the administration.

While it is being actively discussed, whether hype is hardening or hardening, Anna continues to shock users with snacks in ice water, performing the usual actions in extreme surroundings. No one is forcing her, although Galkina gave a signal that everything was exactly that way. She herself does not hide that she really likes such attention, especially if it brings income.

Why the viewers of Anna Galkina’s walrus want to save her? It is believed that the blogger is in captivity:

Tiktoker from Russia Anna Galkina became famous on the Web thanks to a trash video where she bathes in an ice hole, despite the frost. At the time of writing, 2.5 million viewers have subscribed to her account, and one of the most viral videos of the girl has been viewed more than 108 million times. In the footage, the blogger, standing in cold water in one swimsuit, with a straight face, offers the viewer a piece of ice in the form of a pizza.

Judging by the content, Anna is not afraid of low temperatures – the tiktoker eats various pickles in the cold, brushes her teeth and plays miniatures with ice blocks in the shape of a heart, musical instruments and geometric shapes.

Many viewers are worried about the health of a fearless girl, predicting hypothermia and kidney problems for her. Despite this, the blogger continues to shoot her content and come up with new ways to attract the attention of the audience.

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